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Little Library serves Faith's neighborhood

The Outreach Program of our church has been fortunate to be given memorial money from the Ed Ostberg Family. We have used some of this money to build a Little Library as a community outreach in honor of Ed. The library, which is on the 33rd Ave NE side of our church, is painted in rainbow reconciling colors to communicate our open-door commitment.

Our goal is to offer books about faith, restorative justice, inspiring stories and histories or any other book that speaks to your soul and that you think would be an inspiration or help others. We would like to also have books for all ages so children's books with similar themes would be welcome. We hope this will be an outreach to the community that communicates who we are as a church.

The library will be registered on the national Little Library website with a picture and a short description of content. Go through all those books on your shelves and see if you might have one you are willing to give to the library and share with another. Bring it to the church, and we'll add it to the library, as this is a continuous project. We think Ed would enjoy knowing the library is in his honor.